Permaculture design connects people and cares for them.

Great Rivers and Lakes IMG_4692 copyPermaculture Institute is made up of people like you working together and using permaculture design to regenerate our world. Becoming a member means you are committed to transforming people and landscapes through permaculture practices–healing our cultures as we heal our bioregions. Whether we strengthen local economies for an energy descent future; inspire practical projects to supply water, food, and fuel; or share ideas and resources–becoming a member makes a difference.

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General Membership: If you are interested in permaculture and want to know what is happening with GRLPI, please join in at the general level. There is a discount for graduates of the permaculture design course (Note: for your membership discount to apply, complete this form confirming the date, location, and teachers of your design course or information regarding your diploma).

Diplomat and Professional Membership:  Diplomats and professional members are engaged in public permaculture practice. To register as a professional, the principal or owner of a business must have completed the permaculture design course. Under this designation your business name will be featured. The PINA diploma documents a body of work and the capacity for leadership. We recognize our members who have achieved this mark of excellence. (Note: you must complete this form confirming the date, location, and teachers of your design course or your diploma information).

Organization Membership: Organizational members are businesses, nonprofits, and other collaborative groups working in permaculture and related fields. Organizations must be practicing permaculture ethics. Membership form. 

Supporting Membership: The effort to knit together the region and strengthen permaculture in today’s world requires strong support. Supporter members are important for us to fulfill our mission together. Membership form.

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Please complete this form make check out to: GRLPI and mail it to:

GRLPI, PO Box 1596, Bloomington, IN 47402

Annual Membership

If you would like to make a donation to GRLPI, we would appreciate it! NOTE: Donations ARE NOT tax deductible.